Commissioner Backs Calls For Local Peace Initiative

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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The Commissioner for Baliet County has urged South Sudanese leaders andcitizens to grant other possibilities for peace processes among the ethnic communities in the country; not only depend on Addis Ababa’s IGAD mediated peace talks.

 Hon. James Tor Monybuny said he is more hopeful that South Sudanese can accept peace among themselves and live a normal life if governments and civil societies seek for peace, not only from Ethiopia.

Tor, who sustained a serious gunshot wounds on his right arm in one of the battles in his county Headquarters, said he had been in Nairobi, Kenya, for medical treatment on his fractured arm.

The commissioner, on his return to South Sudan, said he is ready to forgive and work for peace inSouth Sudan for all the citizens inclusively.

“We are supposed to have some other peace and reconciliation initiatives among our citizens especially the most affected ethnic communities. If peace cannot come from Addis Ababa, then we can use other means and make sure that there is confidence in this other peace initiative” Tor stated.

He said the government has shown its commitments to the peace process but only that rebels have reduced interest in bringing peace back to the world youngest nation. The current peace beingnegotiated in Addis Ababa, he says, is typically a political power-show which does not heal the wounds and scars being left in social lifes and relations among the communities which have been affected.

Earlier the Minister for Information and Telecommunication in Warrap state, Hon. Paul Dhel Gum, observed that the current war in South Sudan was wrongly calculated and that it has destroyed the socio-political standard of South Sudan, urging for the nation to preserve the social fabrics fromtotal destruction.

“False illusions believed by the intellectuals to impose themselves in the leading positions are well realized by conflict perpetrators and built on. They are pushing our country into merciless loggerhead,” Gum said.

The Commissioner for the war-torn Nasir, Molana Elijah Liej Beny last week blamed the armed rebel movement of SPLM/A-IO for using the on-going peace talks in Addis Ababa as a mechanism for getting government top jobs in the upcoming government of national unity rather than a search for peace in the country.

However, Tor said any mindset of the people can easily be changed if proper explanation and consideration are given to the situation.

“I am hopeful that peace will return to South Sudan because everybody is coming to the conclusion that this war is senseless. The rebels will realize that; and they will embrace the government which is looking for peace to protect the entire South Sudanese,” he said.

Tor advised that the nation should stand up to found its own peace and reconciliation initiative to cancel and correct all the wrong ideologies and understanding that emerged during the current armed conflict in South Sudan.

A political dispute in SPLM party turned violent in Mid-December when the ruling-party divided itself into the camps of reformists and those supporting President Kiir. But it quickly stoked ethnic tensions as it moved across the eastern half of the country. Human rights violations became one of the grim hallmarks of the violence.

Negotiations have been on and off since early January to bring to halt the 9-month – old conflict; nevertheless no respect has been shown to the signed documents of ceasefire with two rivaling parties trading accusations of violations according to observers.

The South Sudanese conflict has claimed lives of ten thousand people and 1.5 million others being displaced within and without the country most of whom live in the UNMISS-based camps under dire conditions, according to agencies.

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