Reconcile And Forget The Past: Warrap Finance Minister

Hon. Andrea Aguer Ariik said that the current generation is faced with modernity and other challenges that they should work hard to defeat rather than just recalling past conflict and try to harm innocent individuals on what they have not been part of.

“This situation must end. We cannot continue carrying with us the conflict that had been among our fathers, grandfathers or so. We have to make our own future different from theirs. We should know that we are born at our own time,” Aguer said.

Aguer said if people continue with the negatives past then there will be no development and unity among this generation and the nation will collapse. He urged the communities to realize their responsibility to reconciliation and bring peace back among themselves in the country.

“It is never our right again to continue recording the mistakes of our grandparents to make children suffer with them. Remember that in last ten years the really enemy to the people of South Sudan were the Arabs in Khartoum but today the matter has changed. We have new enemies on our list as a country; this is the same in our communities, families or among individuals,” he added.

“We can see now our President Salva Kiir going to Khartoum for bilateral relations and cooperation that, means we are not enemies again. We can be friends even may be the best friends,” Aguer said. 

He added that the communities’ disputes among the people of Warrap State must be discouraged by all and that the nation must take the objective of achieving peace and unity as the top priority in the country.

“Any society cannot be built based on families’ lines or the past hatred. This, in fact draws us backward and we can never reach to where we want to go. And therefore there is great need for us to reconcile, forget the past and record new ideologies that can drive us
to success and togetherness in South Sudan,” Aguer concluded.

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