Peace Conference Concluded, Joined GPAA

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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The conference was started on November 4 and concluded on 6 November,  with the four communities agreeing to join the GPAA.

The Four Communities include Ngitarabun, Ngikurono, Ngisiriai and Ngimakodol. Mr. Masssimo Stella,European Union delegate to South Sudan and supporting the peace initiative, applauds the people of Jiye for having accepted to resolve their problem through dialogue and peace.

Prof. Lokulenge Lole, one of the facilitators for the conference, said that in the last two days, they allowed theparticipants from the Jiye Community to talk and talk to arrived at the common point today. He said they allowed talking than the voting because if voting were carried out and 41% were voted out, it would not resolve the problem.

“So for the last two days we have been talking and we have concluded that peace is better than violence because you cannot cry for provision of water and education and other services while at the same time you are fighting” he said. “We have convince the people of Jiye that you cannot bring the Jiye of
Ethiopia and other areas into administration of in South Sudan because the Jiye in Ethiopia and the Jiye of South Sudan are citizens of two different counties”, explain the Bishop.

“Peace is the only way forward. We only have to realized dialogue as a tool to get everything we need,” said Professor Lole

Bishop Paul Yugusuk, Chairperson of Church Leaders Mediating Initiative (CLMI), said the conference was based on the status of Jiye as well as the Intra Conflict.

The Bishop appreciated David Yauyau for gracing the occasion, assuring the communities that the church leaders will always continue to bring the communities together for peace.

“We have started with Murle and Jiye and we will move through all the communities to make peace in GPAA,” said Bishop Paul.

“I need the support of GPAA to see that the role of Church leaders is realized” he said.

Majong Philip Lamong, a Jiye Intellectual, told Gurtong in an aside interview that the coming together of the communities was according to the directives of the president, that the Jiye has to be in Greater Pibor, adding that the people of Jiye accepted peace through dialogue.

Beko Konyi, the Commissioner of Boma County of GPAA, appreciated the decision of the Jiye Community for making up their minds to join GPAA. “GPAA has included all the communities of the area, so no reason for changing the name which was claimed in the resolution of the conference,” he pointed out.

 David Yauyau Jongkuch, the Chief Administrator of Greater Pibor Administrative Area, in his remarks lauded the Church Leaders’ Mediators and the European Union for championing the peace initiative in GPAA.

“Noting with Concern that the Jiye are not involve in the in the deliberation which led to the formation of GPAA and that they did not take part in the technical committee that made up the formation of Counties of Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA),” read part of the document signed by the communities of Jiye.

“The Jiye community was excluded in the appointment to political, Administrative and organized forces positions in GPAA,” reads the document signed.

“Appreciating that the deliberation that led to the peaceful resolution of the conflict between the government of South Sudan and the South Sudan Democratic Movement (SSDM) or Cobra Faction, including the consideration of the Jiye as part of the GPAA were done in good faith,” reads the document.

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