South Sudan Mining Framework To Be Operational In 2015

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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The Government of the Republic of South Sudan is working towards implementing a mining licensing framework to enable exploration of minerals.

The South Sudanese Minister of Petroleum and Mining Ministry Stephen Dhieu Dau has told reporters that South Sudan and Australia are working on the mining licensing system that will be operational next year.

“We are in the last stages of developing the framework which we are integrating with our legal frameworks inreadiness for implementation next year. This will open space for investors in the mining sector to set shop inSouth Sudan and explore our vast mineral resource base”, he said.

He disclosed that training of personnel on the framework with be conducted in January followed by the commencement of issuance of licenses in March.

Minister Dau said that the framework will cover the exploration of minerals in the whole country, adding that it will be implemented in a transparent manner by all stakeholders including government, citizens andinternational partners.

Australian ambassador to South Sudan Geoff Tooth said Australia is committed to the development of South Sudan’s mining sector.

“We believe that the future of South Sudan lies in the effective exploration and exploitation of its mining andnatural resources. We know from our Australia experience that mining brings wealth and supports the development of infrastructures and all the things that a country needs to prosper”, he said.

“The licensing system will allow mining companies to come here and be confident that they can work here within the legislation of South Sudan”, said the ambassador.

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