WBG State Civil Society Group Demands For Elections To Be Held On Time

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

The South Sudan transitional Constitution stipulates that South Sudan must hold general elections in July 2015 and also calls for a census to be held before the elections.

The peaceful demonstration that was organized by the state civil society, youth, women, trade union and other institutions in the state was to show support to the sitting government and demand that the elections should not be delayed.

The demonstrators marched to the ministerial Headquarters in Wau town carrying placards with signs written on “The Citizens of Western Bahr el Ghazal state supports the holding of general elections on the stipulated time and strongly supports H.E. president Salva Kiir.”

The demonstrators were received at the ministerial headquarters by the State Governor, Rizik Zackaria Hassan along with his cabinet ministers and advisors.

The State Governor, Hassan addressed the demonstrators on their arrival.

“We are very cheerful that you all stand with your legitimate government, we are a democratic nation, this government was elected in by you, and it is your right to defend it against anybody who attempts a shortcut to overrun it by a coup.” 

Saida Saliem Harun, the Women’s Chair Association in the state also addressed the demonstrators.

“Women and children have mostly suffered at the hands of the rebels during this crisis, many of them were used as a battle field grounds, sexual rapes and their husbands were killed leaving children orphans. We need the end of this power struggle through the ballot box.”

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