Cabinet Minister Condemns Arrest Of Governors’ Advisor In NBG State

The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state, Daniel Akol Diing, has strongly condemned the detention of, Yel Deng Nguel the advisor to the Caretaker Governor in the state.

Yel who is the advisor on development and social affairs was arrested on Saturday 3rd January  together with the then SPLM deputy chairperson in the state Secretariat for unknown reason.

Daniel Akol Diing has termed the arrest unconstitutional.

“This is completely unlawful and unconstitutional to harass, arrest and detain senior civil posts’ holders who have immunity by military generals just simply like that. We cannot be subjected to such unlawful harassments and arrests as civil posts’ holders and citizens of this country.”

The arrest happened during an SPLM meeting in the state that was held on January 3rd which was chaired by the former governor Paul Malong Awan,  now the Army Chief of General staff.
Diing explains what took place during the meeting.

“During the meeting, comrade Malong forced the members of the ruling party for the re-structuring in order to fill the gaps of those who died, resigned and those that rebelled against the party, which was of his personalchoice not a general agreement of the party members. He was arrested because he questioned the chair of the meeting why some members like Jiel Mangok[current deputy chairperson] Ernest Mangok Mangok, and the rest who are just ordinary members of SPLM not congress’ members are now brought straight to liberation council members before becoming members of the congress, then the chairperson of the meeting said ‘arrest him’.”

He is appealing to the ruling party chairperson, President Salva Kiir Mayardit, the acting Secretary General of the SPLM, Ann Itto and the Minister of Defense, Kuol Manyang Juuk to intervene and rescue the current situation in Northern Bahr-el Gazal.

Yel Deng Nguel, was arrested along with former SPLM deputy chairperson comrade Arkangelo Athian Teeng Angok who was released after a two-day detention in the same military custody at Wun-yiik two weeks ago.

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