EES Minister Of Animal Resources And Fisheries On A County To County Tour

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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The tour is in a bid to know what quantity of veterinary drugs will be needed in supply for the livestock keepers in the different counties.

The Minister has so far visited Kapoeta East County’s Nanyangachor and Lotimor areas respectively which are majorly inhabited by pastoralists’ communities.

Martin Lorika said that his tour came about as a result of numerous complaints by livestock keepers that they lack Veterinary vaccines, medicines and fuel to run cold chains to keep the drugs.

He has conducted meetings with Payam Administrators, Veterinary Officers, area chiefs, Kraal owners and elderly persons.

The state is being face with a problem of East coast Fever, contagious Bovine for goats and sheep and Foot and mouth diseases, for cows.

In September last year, the ministry announced the purchase of veterinary drugs, which will be distributed to the livestock keepers in the state.

Livestock, particularly cattle, goats and sheep, are an important social and economic asset in South Sudan. However, endemic diseases like, anthrax is undermining livestock production. An estimated one in five cattle die from disease according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Minister Lorika said that the drugs will be distributed to the 8 Counties but much consideration will be given to counties with higher numbers of livestock.

Among the drugs purchased include: Albafas, ButaleX, Parvexon, healing oil, Tylosin, Norodine,

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