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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…The bad disposal of refuse in the Greater Accra metropolis is quite alarming because it has led to the pollution of both the Air and Land. Residents of the area where refuse is being disposed off say, they can’t breathe clean air, can’t eat or do anything in open because of the presence of flies.

They are pleading with the government to come to their aid. Those who have their small backyard garden close to the refuse pit are complaining that their harvest is poisoned and polluted. It is very difficult to help these inhabitants because those guarding the so called land see to the dumping of this rubbish, of which they say they are only covering the pits which is as well dangerous to the inhabitants.

Residents say they should find other covering materials other than refuse since they rush TO an FRO the hospitals, clinics and licensed chemical shops on daily basis. The same refuse which is both solid and liquid is toxic and affects them directly, giving them malaria, bilharzia, catharsis, cholera and other air borne diseases such as cold, flu, asthma and other skin related diseases.

Residents are appealing to the authorities in charge to help them relocate or stop the dumping of refuse since they (authorities) are living  peacefully in their homes with no problems at all.

In parts of the Volta Region. The only source of water that inhabitants depend on on for their daily livelihood or chores is also being polluted.

People are seeking help of the authorities to come and help them. People vow that they will not allow any political party to campaign in their town in the upcoming elections.

Residents of the part of Volta region are asking the authorities to provide them with clean drinking water, by virtue of their suffering and build them a bore hole, build for them a slaughter house, as well as provide them with a working drainage system.

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