South Sudanese Students Strike In Egypt Enters 9th Day

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

More than one hundred South Sudanese students under government of South Sudan scholarship entered their 9 day strike last Friday demanding for 11 months allowance.
By Gabriel Mayom and Jok P Mayom

CAIRO, July 4, 2015 [Gurtong]- According to South Sudan General Students Union in Egypt Universities and High Institutes, Spokesman, Kot Maker since the strike began last month, students have occupied the South Sudanese embassy in Egypt, Cairo in what he describes as “just for payment of allowances.”

“Students are unable to pay hostels rent and feeding themselves,” said Kot.

The South Sudan Ambassador to Egypt, Anthony Louis Kon who was outside the country when the embassy was forced to close down by students arrived after a few days and instructed the students to leave the Embassy by Saturday noon.
Louis warned that any resistant from students would be managed by Egyptian police and such students will face Egyptian the law without question.

June 25, in the morning saw students block all routes to the South Sudan Embassy in Cairo shouting slogans of the government’s failure to fulfill its duties.

Meanwhile the Council of Ministers resolved on Friday and directed the Ministry of Education to send a representative to Egypt to resolve the striking students’ problem.

This was disclosed by the Deputy Minister of Information and government Deputy Spokesperson, Hon. Rachael Nyadak Paul while briefing reporters after the weekly meeting.

“We had the briefing from the Minister of Education on the status of our students in Egypt. The council resolved that a representative from the Education Ministry can be sent to Egypt” said Nyadak.

Nadak however said that the strike may not be genuine as some students have a tendency of not wanting to study.
“The scholarships actually are there and what they are getting from our five years plan is subsidy that cannot make them really to strike and of course may be there are people who are not ready to study.”

She also added that “I think there are a few who are disobedient amongst them so the Ministry will send the team to screen that and resolve it.”

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