Peace Conference Between Bordering Communities Of Warrap, Abyei And Messiriya Underway In Aweil

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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A five-day conference aimed at restoring the relationship between the Arab Misseriya of South Kordofan of Sudan and bordering South Sudan’s State of Warrap and the disputed region of Abyei is underway in Northern Bhar el Ghazal State capital, Aweil.


Akech Tong Aleu, Caretaker Governor of Warrap State breifing cheifs in South Sudan Hotel in Awiel. [Photo by Santino Manut]

By Ayuel Santino Manut and Abraham Agoth

AWEIL, 17 September 2015 [Gurtong] -The dialogue supported by ECOM International is being convened as a request of theb Misseriya, Awlad Kamil.

The relation between the bordering tribes of the two Sudans has been sour from the time when the Nyok Dinka Chief, Kuol Deng Kuol was killed in 2013 by elements believed to be from the Misseriya Tribe in South Kordofan State in Sudan.

The conference will bring together over 300 Chiefs from Dinka Malual of Northern Bahr el Ghazal, Dinka Rek of Warrap, some selected tribes from Western Bahr el Ghazal State, Dinka Ngok of Abyei and their Sudanese counterparts tribe of Misseryia in the Republic of Sudan.

The Newly appointed Caretaker Governor of Warrap State, Col. Akec Tong Aleu and representatives from the State assembly and executives from Warrap State and Chief Administrator of Abyei, Chol Deng Alaak are also attending the forum.

Speaking during the briefing of Chiefs of Abyei and Rek this morning Col. Akec said He is supporting the initiative because he needs peace and stability across the border.

Tong called for united voices of both Dinka Rek and Abyei during the week long dialogue with Misseriya. “Let us unite. Warrap is one we have only seven Counties even these people you see here they say Warrap is one, so let’s unite and stick to one thing and how it should be done,” stressed Tong.

According to the Head of Peace Commission in Warrap State, Marko Madut Garang, the Misseriya made the request last July through authorities of Northern Bhar el Ghazal saying that they want peace like the one existing between citizens of Northern Bhar el Ghazal State and Rezeigat of South Darfur. 

The conference was officially opened by the Caretaker Governor of Northern Bhar el Ghazal State, Gen. Akot Deng Akot.

Deng called on other communities in the region to emulate Northern Bhar el Ghazal in enhancing peace and stability in the area. “I am calling on other communities to always invite other communities to their area if there are misunderstandings in the region.”In that case he said, “We shall live in peace and Harmony,” Advised Akot.

The forum was attended by 3rd commander of SPLA Maj. Gen. Deng Kuol among others.

Governor Akec said that Warrap needs peace and that everything will be done to make sure that peace prevails in the region.

“Put aside other things and focus on your right, if it is said that this pen is for Akec it should be– we have stayed together and we can still stay to gather, we came here to have peace that is why we came running,” said the Caretaker Governor Akec.

He said he attended the conference so that he can have experience and apply them in his State with neighbouring states.

Al Fadil Mohammed a represented for the Misseriya said, “Whether you are Christian or Muslim we are all human beings..” hence the request for a peace conference.

“We sincerely came here to have peace and we will continue to request for more peace conference for as our relation is still stained”, said Mohammed.

The conference’s agenda will be on security along the borders of the five areas, Abyei, Kordofan, Warrap, Western and Northern Bahr el Ghazal as well as the recent rise of cattle raiding especially between the Dinka Ngok of Abyei, Misseryia of Southern Kordofan and Dinka Rek of Warrap State.

The conference will propose some resolutions which the communities and youth from respective areas will be guided through, such as free movement among these areas, bringing to book those emerging to be cattle raiders through the help of Chiefs from both places.

The conference is financed and facilitated by VISTAS international and CONCORDIS international.

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