India-China Troops Face-Off at Ladakh Border Region Over Canal Project

Government sources have revealed that the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) is currently in a face-off situation with the China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) along the Line of Actual Control in area along the Leh district’s Demchok region since Wednesday afternoon. According to the officials, the PLA has come close to the Indian “side” of the LAC and are refusing to go back since they’re objecting to some civilian project going on in the area.

The face-off has come shortly after Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated Diwali with ITBP jawans at Mana in Uttarakhand, i.e. the village located furthest on the Indian Territory along the border with China. Officials have confirmed that “they came on Wednesday afternoon and stayed till night. They returned and came back this morning again. Its an eyeball-to-eyeball situation there.” Earlier a similar incident took place in 2014, when the Chinese Army entered inside the Indian Territory in Demchok and expressed its objection to an ongoing irrigation project. Upon inquiry about the incident from Leh’s deputy commissioner Prasanna Ramaswamy G., he refused to comment on the situation.

In a related incident earlier this year, residents of Demchok village had asked the federal government for resettlement due to continued objections by China regarding a much needed drinking water pipeline linking a hot spring to their village. In response to the incident, ITBP requested a flag meeting with their Chinese counterparts.

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  1. The reports  of incursion   by Chinese army into  Demchok area of  Leh on  2  November 2016 have obviously caused tension though a view being expressed is that such incidents are not uncommon having taken place in 2014 as well. While it is hoped that the issue may be resolved  ,  readers may like to know that an indication of the defense and security concern in Himalayan belt of  northern India was given by this Vedic astrology writer in article “ 2016  – a woeful year for India with slight cheer at the end”  published as early as on 18 January 2016 in online magazine It seems the alert for more care and appropriate strategy has been meaningful. Now , during the coming year 2017  in February- March , there is still a need to be take more  particular care and appropriate strategy in Demchok area of Leh-Ladakh or any other vulnerable area there. 

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