12 Chinese Sailors Killed – One Missing

It has been reported by the Chinese Foreign Ministry that as many as 11 Chinese sailors have been killed as their ship was attacked on the Mekong River between Thailand and Myanmar. Many believe this incident was caused by the drug smugglers.

Chinese Foreign Ministry in statement said “The sailors were on two cargo ships attacked on Oct. 5 in the “Golden Triangle” of the Mekong, a region of Southeast Asia notorious for narcotic production”

Apart from the 11 killed sailors two other sailors are thought to be missing but Chinese province next to Thailand and Myanmar reported that as many as 12 sailors were killed and only one sailor is missing.

China’s increasing existence in Asia, Africa and other parts of the world has provoked attacks, kidnappings and hijackings, and the matter has turned into a thin-skinned one for Chinese officials, who do not want to emerge weak in defending nationals.

Chinese Foreign Ministry said “Beijing has asked the countries concerned to take effective measures to strengthen protection of Chinese vessels and crew on the Mekong River”

There was a passing by crew that witnessed the incident. They claimed that there were as many as eight armed men who attacked the two ships.

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