China’s hit and run infant passes away

china flag_pole_200_htease

china flag_pole_200_htease

Regarding our story about a toddler in china who was run over twice by car passing by we would like to bring an update that the young baby girl has passed away. It was a tragic conclusion to an incident that sparked an emotional outcry about the country’s declining moral values.

The Video of the incident which was recorded by the surveillance camera’s showed 18 passersby ignoring the two year old, after being struck by a van. The baby named Yueyue was then run over by another vehicle and it was only after that when a woman came to help the infant.

A flared Chinese Blogger wrote on his blog “The incident illustrated a sick society’s obsession with money and a widespread unwillingness to help strangers. We cannot afford property, we cannot afford grave sites, we cannot offend officials, and we cannot help the elderly. We cannot save a girl who was run over,”

Another upset blogger wrote “It’s amazing we are still alive.”

Wang Yang, Guangdong party secretary said “Everyone should use the knife of conscience to dissect the ugliness in themselves”.

Tan Fang, a professor at Southern China Normal University said “People are using the guidance as an excuse not to help,”

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