13 Killed, 85 Injured in a Suicide Blast in Lahore

In the aftermath of a suicide attack in the capital of Punjab, Lahore, the Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Rana Sanaullah, mentioned on Tuesday that there was more than one person involved in the suicide bombing on Mall Road blast. The incident claimed 13 lives and injured 85 others. According to the law minister, the attack targeted the police and the “footage from the cameras placed in Model Town, two men can be seen walking towards the blast site.”

Addressing the press, Rana Sanaullah elucidated that “of the two men seen walking from the Punjab High Court towards Mall road, one seems to be 30 to 35 years of age and may be the handler. The other individual seems to be between the ages of 15 and 17 and may have been the suicide bomber.” In his remarks, Sanaullah pointed out that DIG Traffic and SSP Operations were on one side of the Mall Road while the protesters were on the other side so “the attackers wanted to target the police and thus moved towards them before the bomber blew himself up.”

Describing the incident in further detail, he said that “the 35-year old alleged handler gave the bomber his instructions and then went to stand a safe distance away from the site of the attack.” According to the law minister, “the people of Pakistan had started feeling safer, the stock exchange was on the rise and the Pakistan Super League (PSL) final was about to be played in Lahore. People from all over the world were visiting the country including ambassadors from various countries. This attack is a conspiracy against Pakistan.”

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