Good governance should be promoted in Muslim countries, says ex-PM

The former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir Muhammad shared his thoughts on efficient governance in all Muslim countries at the opening ceremony of the 9th annual multaqa on Monday.

He insisted that ‘good governance’ is the right of all Muslims and it should be provided to them. It will lead to further development, progression, and reduce the negativities in the society.

He said, “A good government must always care for the people. The leader is expected to lead the people and provide them with a good life – good governance, viable investment climate, sound philosophy”. The convention at which the ex-PM expressed his opinion is organized by Al-Muntada with association of IFP Advisors Group of Malaysia. It lasted for three days including speeches from various known politicians.

Al-Muntada Al-Islami Trust is an independent international organization based in United Kingdom with operations all over the globe focusing towards developing local communities in all their regions of operation. 

Dr. Mahathir further elaborated on the concept with the example of Malaysia saying that Malaysia was an agriculture based country with more than 70% unemployment at the time of independence. Thereby, the leaders came up with a strategy to create jobs by switching the focus of the economy from agriculture towards manufacturing. In the long run, the policy resulted in improvement of the living standards of the people of Malaysia with domestic and foreign investor’s confidence in the economy.

He concluded his address with suggestion that all Muslim countries should adopt good governance and seek the road to progress where non-governmental organizations can also help achieve the goal.

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