Possibility of team work involved in the magnetic bomb blast

P Chidambaram

P Chidambaram

Further investigations have revealed that the magnetic bomb blast in New Delhi yesterday was an attempt of two individuals instead of one as declared after initial investigations.

The investigation team informed that the person to install the bomb in the Israeli embassy car was different to the one who triggered the bomb. They made this announcement in the morning today, admitting they still have no idea about the components of the explosives used for the blast. They further explained that the forensic report that is expected to come out by tomorrow will assist them determine the explosives used since such components have not been used in blasts in India ever before.

Delhi Police Special Cell is dedicating all its resources towards finding the criminals behind the activity. CCTV footages are being examined to figure out the process of installation of the digital device to the car. Dharmendra Kumar, the special commissioner of Delhi Police law and order branch said, “We are searching for the biker and are going through the CCTV footage to get more clues.”

Search teams are conducting operations in several hotels in the city. The National Investigating Agency is also expected to join the investigation for a diversified perspective and better equipment to get down to the gist of the incident. The attack could also be an activity of home-grown terrorists showing sympathy to Palestine.

According to the Home Minister of India, P Chidambaram, the attack was intended for the wife of the diplomat and was conducted by a highly trained professional.

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