Indelible ink to be used in election, says EC

The Election Commission of Malaysia announced on Thursday that they will use indelible ink for vote casting in the upcoming election.

Abdul Aziz Yousaf, the chairman of Election Commission, gave his statement on television and said that the ink has yet not been purchase but arrangement will be made soon. He said, “It will only take two weeks to receive the ink. Our preparation in terms of boxes, bottles and bottle lids is already under way”.

The measure has been taken in accordance to the request put forward by the public due to the incidents of phantom voters. Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan are already using indelible ink in their elections.

The use of indelible ink was also proposed in the previous elections. However, the decision to use the ink was withdrawn four days before the elections took place. Election Commission faced several controversies regarding the withdrawal of their decision and was accused of siding with the ruling party and trying to influence the election results.

A protest campaign was launched in Kuala Lumpur which consisted of more than 50,000 people walking for their demand of fair election. One of the demands put forward by these people was the use of indelible ink.

Mr. Yousaf has assured the public that the ink will be bought within the next three months. He said, “We cannot order the ink early because after three months the ink will no longer be indelible”.

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