Bank statement of Corona gets authenticity vote

The prosecution panel of the House of Representatives gave their statement on Thursday that the authenticity of the bank statements submitted by the Philippines Saving Bank to the Senate serving as the impeachment court in regards to the former Chief Justice Renato Corona is confirmed.

The spokesman of the prosecution panel, Romero Federico Miro Quimbo said, “We need to establish a very important point here — there’s no attempt on the part of the prosecution to mislead the impeachment court and the public. If you read our supplemental motion on our request for subpoena for the bank records, we even say with great caution that we cannot vouch for the authenticity of the documents”.

Federico further explained that the prosecution has been transparent and straight forward in their dealings since the beginning of the case. They have attached the supplementary documents with the application submitted to the impeachment court about the secret bank accounts on Feb, 3, 2012.

He said that the president of the PSBank Pascual Gracia III and the bank manager of the concerned branch Annabelle Tiongson have given their statements and testified before the court about the bank accounts. Therefore, no questions can be raised about their authenticity. Both officers said that Mr. Corona has P20 million in two accounts with the bank whereas the SALN submitted by Corona state his cash to be P3.5 million only.

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