MCA encourages participation in challenging areas

The president of MCA Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek expressed his opinion while speaking to one of the media members. He said MCA will now be aiming at targeting the “more challenging” areas with their senior representation in the upcoming general elections.

He added that the decision has been taken with the mutual consent of all members of the party who believe that senior participants have a lot more exposure and experience which qualifies them for tougher positions where decision making is of utmost significance. He also clarified that not all of the 46 incumbent members of their party will be replace, but only about one third of them.

He said, “Some MCA leaders have been MPs or assemblymen for many terms but their performance is only so-so. In the past five years, they have been quiet in the parliament or state assemblies, hardly speaking up. Neither have they held any press briefing. It is time for them to do some soul-searching.”

Chua denied that the list of candidates has already been finalized and submitted to the Prime minister. But insisted that he has only been meeting with potential candidates and meeting does not qualify them for the post for sure.

He explained that each division of the party has been asked to nominate three potential candidates. Selection will be made amongst the nominated candidates.

He also said, “I am the first party president who has tried to meet all nominees.”

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