Modi’s political career continues to be buried under Gujrat riots

After an entire decade of the incident, ex-chief minister’s political career seems to be buried under the dirt of Gujrat riots 2002.

The burning of Sabarmati Express near Godhra killed 59 and initiated numerous riots all over Gujrat killing and displacing thousands of Muslims. The chief minister in 2002, Modi and his cabinet are facing various accusations of inaction at the time of need. One such example is the case filed by Zakiya Jaferi who claims that her husband died due to inefficiency and inaction of Mr. Modi. She claims her husband made several calls to the chief minister and other cabinet members but none of them responded for help.

Zakia Jaferi has filed request pleas several times while pursuing her case. However, according to her and other activists taking part in the protest against the inaction by government claim that even after a decade of the incident, numerous riot cases remain pending and only a few of those which are heard, are taken forward in a super slow manner.

Modi also faces the accusation of weakening and molding law in order to protect some of the accused in the riots. A total of 11 accused have been sentenced to death whereas about 20 have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Quick and desperate action needs to be taken in order to relieve Mr. Modi of the ghost of Godhra.

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