Atienza accepts meeting Corona and wife

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The ex-Mayor of Manila Lito Atienza agreed before the impeachment court on Thursday that he met with Mr. Renato Corona and Cristina Corona at the time of the proceedings of expropriation of the property of BEGI (Basa Guidote Enterprise Inc.) in Sampaloc in 2001.

Speaking before the court, he admitted that he met with the family of Corona where they offered him to buy the BEGI property for P 25,000 per square metre. He also said that he did not accept the offer made by the city officer. However, later the Coronas raised the price of the property and it was sold for P 34,000 per square metre. Therefore, eventually the government paid a total for P 34 million.

Upon further proceedings of the court, it was revealed that Mrs. Corona had produced certification of the property before the sale deal was made, where the corporate board deputed her “to act for and behalf of the corporation and negotiate and accept payment for agreements”.

He said that he had seen the certification himself which Mrs. Corona had and it was by the BGEI board with signatures of Asuncion Basa Roco. On the other side, the panel of the defense committee of the case said that the deal was not registered with the Register of Deeds.

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