Wont spare guilty, says Antony

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Defence Minister of India, A K Antony stated in a press conference conducted on Thursday saying that the leaking of the secret letter by the Army Chief to the PM is an anti-national activity and the source of the leak will be found soon and the evil doers will be brought to justice at the earliest. Attempting to lessen the rising tension between the government and the armed forces, Antony also said that the leaders of all wings of the armed forces have the confidence vote of the government.

He also mentioned that the government in no way will tolerate any level of corruption in regards to the defence sector of the country. Further clarifying on the matter he explained that there is a clause in the defence procurement which states that any deal which faces corruption controversy or any other irregularity and is above 300 crore, will be cancelled immediately.

According to other defence sources, Intelligence Bureau (IB) has been asked to look into the leak and come up with a report at the earliest as it is a matter of national interest and the government needs to know the source of the leak before matters get out of control.

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