On the Front Lines of Hong Kong’s Civil Unrest

The civil unrest in Hong Kong against the recent moves by China continue unabated.  According to Dimsum Daily, the men and women at the front lines of the Hong Kong have received basic training on efficient protesting and countering riot police actions that are outlined on three info graphs.

Here is a page from the document which outlines the five groups of protestors:

Here is an explanation of tasks and reminders for each of the groups translated into English:

1.) Wo Lei Fei – 

a.) Tasks – this group is in charge of providing critical resources and first aid to protestors that need assistance, to oversee the protest situation and to barricade roads.  

b.) Reminders – keep an arm's length distance between Wo Lei Lei and others, to keep an eye on flag bearers, make sure that resources are always in abundance and ensure safe passageway for other protestors.

2.) Yung Mo or Valiant Knights –

a.) Tasks – this group is in charge of deploying resources, using weapons against the riot police and as front line defence.

b.) Reminders – co-ordinate with whistle blowers and take extra precautions.

3.) Kei Sau or Flag Bearers – 

a.) Tasks – transmit information efficiently and maintain order.

b.) Reminders – ensure that sufficient distance is kept with Yung Mo and pay attention to the  latest information updates.

4.) Yuen Kung or Distant Attackers – 

a.) Tasks – deploy resources not inside the war zone (i.e. transportation, escape routes, change of attire, spare change at transit stations to facilitate escape), use long-distance weapons against the riot police (i.e. sling shots).

b.) Reminders – ensure that sufficient distance is kept with Yung Mo and pay attention to the  latest information updates.

5.) Siu Fong Yuen or Firefighters – 

a.) Tasks – extinguish any fire that is caused by the protest as well as any tear gas canisters.

b.) Reminders – ensure that sufficient distance is kept with Yung Mo and pay attention to the  latest information updates.

Here is another page from the document showing how each group is to be set up:

You will note that Yung Mo protestors are at the front followed by Lei Sau with Wo Lei Fei maintaining distance between itself and the other groups. The very existence of this info graph is rather surprising and shows that the anti-China movement in Hong Kong is better organized than it first appeared to be….that is, if the document itself is genuine. 

The protestors are using other methods to fight against riot police including the use of lasers to blind both police and facial recognition cameras as well as using traffic cones to neutralize tear gas canisters that are fired by riot police as shown on this video:

Here is another video showing the action and tactics used by demonstrators:

As you can see from this posting, the demonstrators in Hong Kong are far more organized and have learned a great deal about how to push back against Hong Kong's police forces since the anti-government demonstrations first started in March 2019.  That said, with the first live round being fired by anti-demonstration forces, it is clear that the government-backed forces hold the upper hand when it comes to the use of deadly force similar to occurred between Indiana Jones and the Arab swordsman in the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie:

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