Sri Lanka’s president to resign on Friday

Sri Lanka

This article was last updated on July 14, 2022

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Sri Lanka’s president to resign on Friday.

The speaker of Sri Lanka’s parliament is expected to announce the resignation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Friday. Media outlets around the world claimed on Thursday that Rajapaksa had emailed his resignation letter to parliament but that the letter had to be delivered in person.

According to the AP, Parliament Speaker Mahinda Abeywardena will make a public statement on Friday. Announcing the resignation will likely follow.

A resignation letter was emailed on Thursday, according to Reuters. On the other hand, Abeywardena wants to receive a letter in the mail before announcing his retirement. Now, Rajapaksa is flying the letter from Singapore to Sri Lanka’s commercial hub of Colombo, where he now lives.

On Wednesday, Rajapaksa escaped to the Maldives. After a series of violent demonstrations, he decided to step down. stormed his official abode. The president had earlier on Wednesday pledged to quit, but he didn’t.

The president landed in Singapore on Thursday afternoon, according to The Guardian. A government official said that he intends to leave Singapore soon. According to reports, he is on his way to Saudi Arabia and does not intend to quit until he gets there. After Rajapaksa’s resignation, he can be punished for crimes committed while he was president.

For now, he’s looking for somewhere safe to hide out, according to the British press. In the meantime, it’s not apparent if he has arrived in Saudi Arabia.

Angry Sri Lankans accuse the president of triggering the country’s greatest economic catastrophe since its independence in 1948. Corruption is alleged to go deep inside the presidential family, as well.

Protests and an assault on Rajapaksa’s official mansion followed this fury for months. Ranil Wickremesinghe, Sri Lanka’s interim president, was also targeted by the mob. Wickremesinghe is viewed as Rajapaksa’s collaborator. On Wednesday, his office was also raided.

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