Indian Road Workers Trapped by Collapsed Tunnel


This article was last updated on November 13, 2023

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Construction Workers Trapped

Forty construction workers have been trapped in a collapsed tunnel in India for more than 37 hours. Rescuers are working to free them. They try to dig away 40 meters of collapsed earth with excavators. No injuries were reported in the collapse on the night of Saturday to Sunday. Construction workers were working in the tunnel under construction when part of it collapsed due to a landslide.

Location and Conditions

The tunnel is located in Uttarakhand, a state in the Himalayas bordering Nepal and China. The collapse was noticed by colleagues who had left the tunnel to use the toilet. When they walked back, they saw the tunnel collapse.

Contact with Construction Workers

Rescue workers soon managed to make contact with the trapped construction workers via walkie-talkies. Due to the collapsed rubble, the space where they are located is cut off from oxygen. This has been solved with a pipeline that is actually intended for the supply of water. This is now used to supply oxygen and food. More than 150 rescue workers are participating in the action.

Rescue Efforts Ongoing

In the meantime, excavators and drills are being used to clear the way to the construction workers. A police commissioner reports that 15 meters have been excavated and that 35 meters of earth still needs to be removed. The emergency services expect it will take at least until Monday evening to free the construction workers.

Regular Landslides in Uttarakhand

The mountainous state of Uttarakhand is affected by landslides more often. The new tunnel should make well-known pilgrimage sites in the mountains more accessible.

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