Election Commission caught two impostors on nomination day

Two people in Kelantan were caught for impersonating as election observers during nomination day. The Election Commission Deputy Chairman Datuk Wira Wan Ahmad Wan Omar confirmed that two men were disguising themselves as election observers in the nomination centre when an election supervisor spotted them.

“They (impostors) realized their mistake and apologized,” Ahmad told the journalists on Sunday.

Similar incident was reported in Selangor where the observer became overzealous on nomination day. He was noticed violating the regulations by obstructing the EC officer in carrying out his duties.

“We have instructed the supervisors of the polling centres to be watchful to prevent such incidences. The police are also there to monitor and cooperate with us,” said Ahmad. “EC officers know who the appointed observers are. They will be using the special pass issued by the EC and have special attire. Their profiles can be seen on the EC website.”

The observers were set free after being warned not to repeat such action. According to Ahmad, the EC has appointed 1,176 domestic election observers from 17 different NGOs nationwide to help monitor the election process. Also, 35 foreign observers from five Asian countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia are present to examine the election processes.

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