Aye Rah-e-Haq k Shaheedo (Pakistan Defense Day)

6th september - Pakistan Defense Day

6th september - Pakistan Defense Day

Defense day also called Youm-e-Difa brings to us the 42nd anniversary of the Indo-Pak war of September 1965 and refreshes the memories of the fateful morning of

6 September from 1965 which went down in Pakistan’s history as a significant day. This day, during the month of September, Pak army was supported by the whole nation. The war was fought in 1965 over Kashmir dispute and none of them could dominate. On this day we Pakistanis were able to save our beloved country from our adversaries. This is the day of paying homage to our Shuhadas and Ghazis who not only protected us but also gave a message to the entire world that we are ready to give tough time to our enemies who attacks us.
Pakistan was composed of two major regions named East Pakistan and West Pakistan which were separated by Indian territory. The Jammu and Kashmir were mostly populated with muslims but a Hindu leader shared the border to both India and Pakistan which gave rise to a conflict between two nations.  Both countries were in dialogue over the tense situation and both armed forces were almost ready for all out war.  Pak India war started without any formal declaration when Indian forces attacked Pakistan at Lahore city also known as Pakistan’s heart in the early hours of 6th september. India intended to capture Pakistan territories but Pak army defeated on Lahore and Sialkot borders when their tanks were badly destroyed and one daring soldier named M.M. Alam shot down six planes in a very short time. Indian army also attacked with the intentions of capturing which our daring soldier made a failure by pushing them back to the borders. Even after the war, Kashmir issue remained unresolved but affected both countries financially and a lot of people lost their lives. The war continued for seventeen days in which Pakistan army though small but well trained than Indian´s showed great bravery and when invaded Kashmir, India quickly asked for UN help to cease the current conflict.  At last the war was ended with the support of UN.

This day is celebrated to remind the whole nation of supreme trial in the history of Pakistan when our valiant soldiers met the challenge courageously. They laid down their lives and exemplary tales of heroism and sacrifice were written in blood, for the defense of their motherland. This day gives us a pride of success and motivation to be ready to give sacrifice at the time of need.

This day is celebrated with great passion although it is almost half a century when the war 1965 was fought. The day starts with special prayers for the preservation of the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan. The Hilal-i-Istaqlal is hoisted in Sialkot, Sargodha and Lahore. Pakistan army displays latest weapons, missiles, tanks, guns, army aviation helicopters and armament. National songs and special programmes run on T.V. Fateha kwani is offered at the graveyards of the martyrs and floral wreaths are laid on the mazars of Quide-i-Azam. Also the guard changing ceremony is performed on the mazar-e- Quaid. Nishan-i-Haider is granted to those who rendered sacrifices for the defense of Pakistan. Different educational institutes also arrange special functions because of the importance of this day. On this day every Pakistani is motivated with a mind that he will be ready to scarify his life for the benefit of his country. There is an environment of patriotic passion in the whole country.

This day reminds us of those seventeen days when the whole nation demonstrated unity and boldness on hearing first sound of attack and refreshes blood drops of those brave men who showed unity, courage and devotion for its motherland. We should show the same spirit as those daring soldiers showed in 1965 when our survival was threatened by our enemies. Today we pay tributes to our national heroes who saved us by paying the price of their lives.  Happy Defense Day.

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