Xi Jinpings First Day In India

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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This Wednesday, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping visited his much highlighted visit to India and met Narendra Modi in his home state, Gujarat. The state authorities rolled out a red carpet for the Chinese leader and his delegation as their aircraft landed at the airport. Giant billboards were put at various places in the city to welcome the leader.

Three pacts were signed in the presence of both the leaders after the Indian Prime Minister welcomed them the President and his wife at the entrance of the Hyatt Hotel and offered them floral bouquets. The first lady, Peng Liyuan, was seen wearing a pink length dress for the historical meeting between the two Asian leaders. Local folk dancers performed for the leaders and the first lady at the Sabarmati Riverfront. Modi gifted Jinping a painting of Mahatma Gandhi and also showed him the charkha ‘spinning wheel’ of Mahatma Gandhi at the ashram.

According to Hindustan Time, the first day of the Chinese President In India was marked by many novelties–of a Chinese head of state starting a bilateral visit from Gujarat, of an Indian PM not only receiving him outside Delhi  but both leaders witnessing official agreements between the two countries outside Delhi, of a PM personally guiding a president of China, unhurriedly, through Gandhi’s ashram, and a dinner with Gujarati vegetarian delicacies that Xi, Ahmedabad hopes, would remember for a long time.

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