Pakistan Wins First International Pageant Title Tahmena Bokhari crowned Mrs. United Nations 2010

Tahmena Bokhari, Mrs. Pakistan World 2010 has made history. On Saturday November 13th in Negril, Jamaica, Bokhari was crowned Mrs. United Nations 2010. She competed with married women around the world with strong representation from Columbia, Nigeria, West Africa, and South Africa, among many others. In the history of the pageant industry, this is the first time Pakistan has won an international pageant title.
Upon winning Bokhari stated, "I would like to thank all of those who have supported me and have worked with me to improve the image of Pakistan in the world. Being the first international title holder for Pakistan is not my victory alone and nor am I solely responsible for this win. It is because of you out there, all of my family, friends, fans, and all those who have dared to dream this new vision of Pakistan along with me. This is a victory for all Pakistanis everywhere."
Bokhari opened the evening with a bang after coming in the top 5 winner’s circle for talent earlier in the week.  Her sensational dance routine represented the emotions of a woman to a compilation of music from around the world. Bokhari was the first delegate to come out in her national costume made from local Pakistani fabric in green and white for the Pakistani flag.  Delegates were judged on poise, grace, intellect, diplomacy, passion and commitment to community service along with several other areas. 
Along with the organizers of Mrs. Pakistan World, Bokhari landed in Jamaica on the 8th and spent a week with the dozens of delegates from other countries. During their week, the delegates visited local schools, charities and mingled with fans. Due to her grace, charm, personality and style of dress, Bokhari was said to be an instant favorite.  Other winners of the night included Miss Canada as Miss United Nations and Miss Teen Jamaica as Miss Teen United Nations. 
In January of 2010, Bokhari won Mrs. Pakistan World 2010 in Toronto, ON, Canada. She has 15 years experience in social work and is a college professor in the Greater Toronto Area. She is passionate about working towards a lighter and more positive image of Pakistan in the world and enhancing the status of Pakistani women. Bokhari stated, “I hope to inspire all women to dream big and I want to show the world that only because of the mere dream of a new Pakistan was I able to help make history for my country.”

Sonia Ahmed, President of Mrs. Pakistan World & Miss Pakistan World stated,” We need the Pakistani community around the world to see this event as a stepping stone to defend our country against the negative image of Pakistan. Pakistan has a lot of talent that is not recognized. Tahmena Bokhari, Mrs. Pakistan World has proven that Pakistan stands a chance in the world for such competitions. This is a wonderful thing that has happened to improve the image of Pakistan and this encourages other married women to look up to Bokhari as a role model.”

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  1. This is one of the most amazing woman I have ever met. She was graceful and gorgeous. Congrats to Tahmena and all Pakistanis on this win.

  2. She was truly the best without question, the way she spoke and carried herself. True intellect and true queen was crowned. Contratulations to PAKISTAN!

  3. Congratulations to Tahmena Bokhari. I cannot believe it is Pakistan’s first win ever. All of Pakistan and even all of Canada should be proud.

  4. Wow. I am still in shock and so proud. This is the new Pakistan. I am so glad that we have women like Tahmena Bokhari in our community, she is opening doors for so many women. Being the first of anything is never easy, but she has made history for everyone else to now follow the path. I have never felt so proud to be a Pakistani woman. Thank you Tahmena

  5. Only you Tahmena could carry this. You have made history for Pakistan and you are showing the world your dream for Pakistan. I think not only married women, but all men, women and children can learn from this. I truly admire you.

  6. This lady is just beautiful person. I had chance to meet her and I can say she is so humble, down to earth and very charming in person. It amazes me how much she has done and how much she knows, she is like a walking encyclopedia and at such a young age. I would never even think she is Pakistani but that is what she is trying to prove that Pakistanis can be like this. If I could only achieve half as much….

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