Ashgrove demands better politics – Newman becomes the victim

The electors of Queensland election have clearly asked the runners to cut out the nastiness.

Liberal National Party (LNP) leader Campbell Newman is looking forward to securing the seat of Ashgrove, in Brisbane’s inner west. In order to become the premier, he must overthrow well-liked Labor MP Kate Jones.

An open debate on Friday was followed by a jinxed week for Mr Newman. Dark record of Labor MPs – collected by an ex- Labor staffer occupied by the LNP – floated in the media this week, disclosing facts of MPs’ enmities, personal lives, and alleged political potency and limitations.

The records ridiculed Mr Newman’s efforts over the last month to expose Labor as the dirty party for its gritty pursuit of his family’s financial interests. Friday’s debate was an opportunity to present the other side of the story.

Newman said: “Every political figure on occasions has moments, and I certainly acknowledge that I had one last week. At the end of the day, though, I want this campaign to be about policies.”

His wife Lisa says she was hurt when her family issues were dragged into the media for dirty politics. She said: “That passion is what I admire most in him. So if he has moments of passion, why would I think that’s bad?”

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