Palmer demands PM to step down

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The mining magnate Clive Palmer spoke to the media and said that the Prime Minister Julia Gillard should resign on account of misguiding the public over the carbon tax. He said so on Thursday while addressing the rally of protestors outside the Parliament House via a telephonic conversation.

He further said that the PM is not fit for running the country as she keeps giving contradictory statements. She first said in 2010 that no carbon tax will be imposed but later changed her mind and imposed the carbon tax. He also said that it’s no longer the question if she will resign or no, but only that when will she resign.

“Pull out your cheque books, take more time out, double the time you’re committing to stopping this tax. Because what you are doing it for is not me, but for you and me together, for our country, for our children,” he said.

Mr. Palmer has already landed a bomb accusing that the environmental authorities trying to get the tax approved are not concerned about the environment but are only acting as facilitators to the aim of the American intelligence agency (CIA). He said it is the monetary backing of CIA which has all of a sudden made the matter so big. At his conference where he dropped the bombshell, he also provided the media with internal reports suggesting a mighty inflow of money for environmental activists in the past two weeks.

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