Wife jailed for killing husband for defensive homicide

A woman from Melbourne has been given seven years of imprisonment on Tuesday in case of defensive homicide with a spear gun before stabbing him several times in their house in Highett. Jemma Elizabeth Edwards, aging 45, was given the punishment for killing her husband brutally after years of domestic abuse. She pleaded guilty to defensive homicide.

In the month of January for the last month, Edwards had called authorities informing that two men barged into their house and stabbed her husband James Edwards several times and fled the scene before she could even realize it. Mr. Edwards had experienced about 30 injuries due to stabbing and a severe wound in the back with a spear gun.

Later, during the course of the trial, Elizabeth confessed to the crime and said that she had killed him in self-defense after years of bearing with domestic violence. She claimed to have been a victim of domestic violence since 1999. Explaining further she claimed that the day she killed her husband, he was drinking and threatened to kill her.

She said, “First, he said he was going to cut my eyes out and cut my ears off and disfigure me. Then he said he was going to get some petrol from out the back and he was going to set me on fire.”

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