KLM will cancel 7,000 seats a day in July

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This article was last updated on June 20, 2022

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KLM will cancel 7,000 seats a day in July, more than half of all airlines combined

In July, there will be 7,000 fewer KLM flights departing from Schiphol each day. This estimate has been conducted by the so-called slot coordinator. Schiphol can only handle 67,500 passengers per day, which is 13,500 less passengers per day than normal for the month of July.

KLM, the primary user of the airport, is responsible for more than half of the canceled seats. As a rule, half of the seats are given to KLM.

Airport Coordination Netherlands distributes the so-called “slots” (ACNL). NOS reports that director Hugo Thomassen has alerted all airlines of the amount of seats to be canceled. It’s not clear how many seats other airlines have to give up, according to Thomassen.

Seat limitations placed on companies can be applied in a variety of ways. Ticket sales might be halted or limited, or flights can be canceled.

Flights have already started.

The airlines and travel organizations expect that they will be able to inform travelers on an individual level about their flight in the course of this and next week. A Transavia representative stated, “We will get an answer this week regarding which flights will be canceled.” Then we’ll think about how to accommodate as many journeys as feasible.” Transavia claims it will only be able to notify clients after that point. TUI Airlines has the same statement.

There have already been 150 flights shifted from Schiphol to Rotterdam The Hague Airport by Corendon Dutch Airlines. About a quarter of our flights fall into this category.” That was done before it was clear what was being deleted. A spokeswoman stated, “Whether that is enough remains to be seen.”

Travel companies Sunweb and D-reizen/PrijsVrij are also still to be determined. They’re hoping for some answers this week. It’s conceivable that clients who’ve already booked next week may be informed about their trip and the options available to them if there is an issue. Therefore, the travel provider will modify the website’s offer in accordance with the limitations.


Schiphol is being constantly monitored by the Consumers’ Association. According to a spokeswoman, “We feel that there should be clarification for customers promptly, in order for them to know exactly where they are.” There are a lot of flights scheduled months in advance. A great illustration of amateurism is how unpredictable things are right up until the last minute before leaving.

Many passengers are expected to be the victims, according to a consumer group. As a result, the group has decided to study the possibility of holding Schiphol accountable for the additional expenses that customers would face. “We don’t think travelers should suffer as a result of poor policies at the airport,” the group said.

There are plans to take the travel industry to court as well. Damage caused by this summer’s pandemonium at the airport will be reimbursed by the ANVR industry group.

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