Ukraine continues to be bombed


This article was last updated on July 7, 2022

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Ukraine continues to be bombed despite Russian troops being given time off.

Russia appears to have taken a respite from warfare in Ukraine’s east. ISW analysts say Russia hasn’t gained any additional land since conquering Lysychanksk this weekend, according to their findings.

The ISW reports that the majority of the military has been given a break to allow for future large-scale operations.

According to today’s statement from the Russian Defense Ministry, Russian forces in Ukraine will have time to recover. “Battle-hardened troops are taking steps to regain their fighting skills.” As long as they don’t work, they’ll be able to receive mail and shipments from home, “he stated. The Ministry of Information’s official news agency is TASS. This time is also utilized to do equipment repairs and upgrades.

Last Monday, Vladimir Putin declared that the troops that seized Lugansk deserved some time off. ISW recommends this as a matter of course. The institute said earlier this week that after the hard battle for Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, the Russians will need a “substantial period of rest and rehabilitation” before they are ready for large-scale military operations.

Despite this, warfare and bombing are still taking place, albeit on a reduced scale. While the mayor of Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine has not provided any more information, he has written on Facebook that there had been deaths in a Russian air strike on the city’s core. The French news agency AFP says that at least one person has died and that many others have been hurt.

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