Moscow hostel fire kills ten people

Moscow hostel fire

This article was last updated on July 29, 2022

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A Moscow hostel fire claimed the lives of at least ten people, despite the fact that the building had been sealed.

A hostel fire in Moscow has killed at least eight people. An unknown number of people have been harmed. The countries of origin of those killed are still unknown.TASS, a Russian news service, reports that these people are undocumented immigrants.

The 15-story skyscraper caught fire late last night. The hostel had a capacity of about 200 people. There’s a possibility that the blaze was triggered by electrical work.

The eight people who died in the hotel were all visitors who had booked rooms on the ground level. In order to keep them from fleeing, they put bars on the windows. Exits would have been blocked, and the fire alarm would not have gone off as a result of these circumstances.

In earlier examinations, even this month, the structure was not considered to be fire-resistant. The owners are now being investigated by the Russian courts.

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