Max Verstappen has never won on Hungarian kart track

Max Verstappen

This article was last updated on July 29, 2022

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When it comes to Hungarian “kart track” racing, Max Verstappen has yet to win. ‘The most essential thing is to finish the project in every area’.

However, the Hungarian Grand Prix is one of his favourite races, and he took his maiden pole position there in 2019. The chances of Max Verstappen securing his eighth victory of the season this weekend at the Hungaroring outside Budapest are slim, according to reigning Formula One world champion Nico Rosberg.

On paper, this is a simpler circuit than it appears to be in reality. Despite the fact that our car relies mostly on quick corners and high speed, I will always strive for the best possible outcome, maximising the potential of a situation. That might be a triumph, but it could also be a second or third place finish. We’ll see what we can do, if anything. “Looking forward, the Limburger nods.

In Hungary, he appears to be at ease. Verstappen does not have to win the World Cup since he has a significant advantage.

In 2019, Verstappen won his first career pole position in Hungary.

Rejoicings are treasured by this Red Bull driver. A Formula Renault test and a private test brought me to this location for the first time in 2013. It’s an excellent song. It resembles a go-kart circuit in its layout. It’s a lot of work and rather technical. He expresses his excitement about the concept.

In his native Hungary, Verstappen admits that his record of awards is short. “The last several years haven’t been great for us around here. We were never able to compete with Mercedes because of their long-standing supremacy. It’s going to be a challenge right now. At Ferrari, they’ll be a major force. They are virtually invincible in qualifying this season, and this track fits them well. “

In Hungary, the most important question is what the weather gods will do. Verstappen is well-versed in the forecast. “We don’t know how much rain there will be, but it will be warm.” That will have a part in what happens. Everything may be flipped upside down by it. “

Sebastian Vettel’s farewell was the headline of the weekend in Hungary. Aside from all of his accomplishments and achievements, Verstappen believes that he has been a wonderful sports ambassador. As a result, “it is only natural” that you declare it ready.

It’s never pleasant to say goodbye to someone like that, but you might have foreseen it. It’s critical that he now takes pleasure in his family and his accomplishments. “

On paper, Ferrari is the clear favourite on this narrow, twisting circuit, with good or bad weather included. There is a lot riding on the Italian racing stable’s success, and they hope for a 1-2 finish. The penultimate race of the first half of the season is a good time for a double since it would ease the pressure on the World Cup standings.

When it comes to automobiles, having the quickest one isn’t always enough. Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc lost World Cup points due to an unusual combination of driver failures, poor race tactics, and subpar pit stops. The power supply is the most vulnerable point.

So says Sainz, who points out that “we have a fast vehicle and we are competitive on every circuit, but our engine is too fragile.” Even though we’ve had a lot of poor luck lately, I’m not giving up hope. This weekend’s grand prix is an opportunity for us to win. “

Mattia Binotto, the team’s manager, is and always has been a stoic race optimist. “There is absolutely no reason why we cannot win the last 10 races,” he declared recently. In theory, it is feasible, but no one sees it in the Formula 1 paddock. That would be an insult to Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen’s unwavering performance.

That Verstappen took advantage of Leclerc’s error in France last weekend is instructive. The speedier Monegask fell into the tyre stack after choking in a turn.

Verstappen has a perfect record of 25-0 at the Paul Ricard track. There is now a sizable margin of 63 points between the World Cup leader and the rest of the field.

At times, Ferrari and Leclerc appear to be feeling the weight of the championship at times. Verstappen simply exudes a calm demeanour, as if he doesn’t have a care in the world. “How rough is it on the mind? I don’t care about it. It’s even better than Lewis Hamilton was last year. The fact that I had a chance to win every weekend made it my greatest season ever.”

Verstappen appears relaxed and content, as if he’s been in his zone the entire season. “Even now, I’m doing the same things that I did when I was four years old. The process has sped up a bit, but the fundamentals remain the same. ” The 24-year-old is able to put things into context.

It’s rare to have a vehicle that’s competitive enough to contend for the title. Even if you make a mistake, it’s easy to forget about it since there are so many races to choose from. “

Verstappen understands that he does not need to win in order to increase his championship lead. He’s not, though, the sort of driver that races with a calculated approach. “When it comes to Leclerc, I’m not even thinking about it.” Even after all these years, winning races is still something I strive for. Anywhere, at any time… “

However, there is a small difference between now and then. “You’re more ready to take risks when you’re in a car that has a chance of winning once in a while.” You always want to score points when you’re in a championship battle. The most essential thing is to finish everything. “

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