G8 Summit: Cameron to ensure Syria peace conference pledge

U.K. PM, David Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said at the G8 Summit he would prioritize to ensure a peace conference on the Syrian conflict to be taken place later this year to push through a transitional government to replace President Bashar al-Assad.

World leaders will gather in Northern Ireland for a two-day G8 summit which is expected to be dominated by the conflict in Syria along with the focus on global economic issues.

According to an estimation, almost 93,000 people have died in Syria since the fighting began in 2011, with the U.S. and U.K. governments saying they believe the government has used chemical weapons, which is intolerable.

Mr. Cameron is hopeful that the G8 nations would focus on “common ground” on the issue of bringing peace to Syria.

But Russia, Syria’s key ally, opposes U.S. plans to arm the rebels – something Russian leader Vladimir Putin made clear after having discussions with Mr. Cameron on Sunday.

Mr. Putin has commented that earlier British hopes of a softening of Russia’s position on Syria were misplaced. However, after an hour long bilateral talks, Mr. Putin’s spokesman told  that the two sides remained as far apart as ever and said: “There are very serious disagreements in terms of who is guilty and who is to blame.

When asked what the impact of the American decision to arm Syrian rebels would be on potential peace talks, he added: “It makes it harder.”

On Monday, Foreign Secretary William Hague backed Mr. Prime mInister’s assessment, saying that the U.K. should take a step to save the Syrian rebels from being “exterminated.”

But elsewhere in the Conservatives, London Mayor Boris Johnson has warned that there could be no guarantee that weaponing of moderate rebels wouldn’t end up in the hands of “odious, twisted, hate-filled thugs.”

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