Labour’s Manifesto Vows to Increase Minimum Wage, Tackle Deficit

The Labours’ candidate for the seat of the Prime Minister, Ed Miliband, has given significant weight to increasing the minimum wage up to £8 an hour by the time of the next election. The announcement was made by Miliband when he unveiled the Labour’s manifesto and pledged to end “the tired old idea” that society should just look after the rich.

During a press conference at the launch of the manifesto, Miliband alleged that pay and insecurity have already cost Britain enough and that the Labour party aims to deliver the highest ever minimum wage as a proportion of average earnings. Among the policies introduced by Miliband, he vowed to accelerate the planned rise and take over the challenging economic climate by steering clear of “glitzy” announcements to focus on credibility. In his remarks, Miliband stressed that the manifesto stresses on the need to balance the books and promised that a Labour government would not resort to any extra borrowing. He stated that “every promise we make is a promise we can pay for.”

Critiquing his opponents, Miliband alleged that the Tories have become a fiscally irresponsible party, pointing out that David Cameron and George Osborne racked up £20bn in unfunded spending commitments in recent weeks. Referring to Tory pledges on rail fares, the NHS and a series of unfunded tax cuts, Miliband stated that “by my calculations that adds up to about £20bn, and they have no idea of where a penny of it is coming from. The Conservative party have got to account for why they are now the irresponsible party in Britain.”

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