Cameron Warns Londoners to Not Elect Sadiq Khan as Mayor

UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron has cautioned London voters to refrain from becoming ‘lab rats’ for Jeremy Corbyn’s policies and avoid voting for Sadiq Khan in the mayoral elections in May. In a direct attack at Labour’s candidate for London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, Cameron claimed the election will be the first verdict on the Labour leader and claimed Mr Khan would carry out an ‘economic experiment’ on Londoners.

Mr. Cameron is anticipated to speak in Mill Hill, north London, alongside Tory candidate Zac Goldsmith, who has dismissed his rival as ‘Mr Corbyn’s man.’ Latest YouGov poll conducted earlier this month shows Conservative’s candidate, Mr Goldsmith, behind Mr. Khan by seven points. Cameron pointed out that Mr Khan nominated Mr Corbyn for the Labour leadership election and has claimed that he does not regret helping Mr Corbyn onto the ballot paper last summer. However, in order to distance himself from Crobyn’s objectionable policies, he insists that he is ‘no patsy’ to Mr Corbyn and said he will have his ‘own mandate’ if elected by Londoners in May.

During a Tory rally for Mr Goldsmith yesterday, Mr Cameron stated that “you’ve got the man and the plan, think for a moment about the alternative,” pointing out that “Sadiq Khan nominated Jeremy Corbyn to be leader of the Labour party and he doesn’t regret it. Never mind the fact he [Mr Corbyn] wants to give the Falklands back to Argentina or he thinks that nuclear submarines should patrol the Atlantic without any missiles.”

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