Cameron to Support Chancellor Osborne Despite Tory Turmoil on Budget

UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron is offering full support to his embattled Chancellor, George Osborne, even though his latest budget caused a cabinet resignation, a grave Tory rebellion and now includes a £4.4bn financial blackhole.

When inquired from prime minister’s spokeswoman, she revealed that Cameron “absolutely” had confidence in his chancellor. Upon inquiry that if Osborne “played a blinder,” she answered that “I think the prime minister recognises that, as a government both under the last parliament and this parliament, we have faced challenging global economic circumstances.” It was added that “we’ve faced a big deficit and debt to bring down and therefore tough decisions about how we are a country that lives within its means. He has worked very closely with the chancellor and other ministers on that to date and will continue to do so.”

However on the other hand, Labour is hoping to question Osborne in the House of Commons on Monday afternoon about the U-turn to personal independence payment (PIP) reforms that were due to save the Treasury £1.2bn by 2018 and £4.4bn over the next five years. Although the Speaker has granted the question, it will be up to Treasury to decide which minister responds. Several sources confirm that Osborne will be in parliament on Tuesday to close the budget debate, but it is less likely the he will be present on Monday. However, he might just be on the green benches during the prime minister’s EU statement, which will come straight after the urgent question.

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