Corbyn Presents ‘Labour In for Britain’ Agenda at Hastings Rally

Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn toured Hastings on Tuesday evening and addressed his supporters at a St Mary-in-the-Castle rally as part of the Labour In for Britain campaign. Mr Corbyn used his address to present the Labour party’s case for Britain to remain in the European Union (EU), ahead of the referendum on June 23.

According to the Leader of the Opposition, he wanted to see a ‘reformed’ EU that worked for the people. He revealed that “one of the greatest economic and social assets of Hastings and the area are the sea and its beaches. For centuries, the coastline has been the lifeblood of the community, providing income and jobs to the area, creating a sense of community.” Corbyn alleged that “tourism to UK beaches earns the UK economy £3.6 billion per year, benefiting seaside towns like St Leonards, Pevensey and Bexhill.” He explained that “travelers come here for the clean beaches, beaches that are now clean because of legislation from the EU. But I think we can go further. Instead of using the EU clean beaches regulations as minimum standard. I want the UK under a Labour government to make all our beaches safe enough, so that families are secure in the knowledge that a day trip to the seaside doesn’t result in a night time visit to A&E. A blue flag revolution from the party of the red flag.”

Furthermore, Corbyn stated that “I support a European-wide collective approach to protecting fish stocks. Without it we would return to the bad old days where our domestic fishing stock was diminishing so fast that there were species on the verge of extinction.” He explained that “the problem for the fishing community in Hastings and around the whole of the UK is not of the EU’s making but this Tory government.” It was alleged that “true to every value and principle of this government where cash is king, it has refused to protect our small scale and sustainable fishing communities. They’ve turned the UK fishing quota from a national asset into a cash cow.”

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