Israel responsible for conflict with the Palestinians 2022


This article was last updated on June 7, 2022

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The Commission of Inquiry mandated by the United Nations Human Rights Council has confirmed that Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories and discrimination against the Palestinian population are the “main causes” of the recurrent wave of violence and instability.

Navi Pillay, chair of the Committee and former High Commissioner for Human Rights, wrote in her report that “the conclusions and recommendations on the root causes (of this conflict) refer overwhelmingly to Israel, which we analyze as an indicator of the asymmetric nature of the conflict and the reality of the occupation of one state.”

This committee’s first report emphasized that “ending Israel’s occupation of the territories, in full compliance with Security Council resolutions, remains crucial to ending the continuing wave of violence.”

What has become a state of permanent occupation has been cited by both parties involved, Palestinians and Israelis alike, as one of the roots of recurrent tensions, instability and protracted conflict in both the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem, and Israel, the report stated.

The report indicated that the document was presented before its publication to the Palestinian and Israeli authorities.

On the other hand, about 20 students and reserve soldiers in the Israeli army demonstrated, on Tuesday, in front of the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, in protest against the publication of the report.

To make the most impact, some of the demonstrators disguised themselves as members of the Palestinian Hamas movement, and hid their faces behind black masks in military uniforms.

The demonstrators chanted: “We are killing civilians and the United Nations protects us,” while others put up masks depicting the head of the movement’s political bureau in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar.


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