Israel rejects genocide charges

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This article was last updated on January 12, 2024

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Israel Rejects Genocide Charges: ‘Hamas Wants as Much Civilian Damage as Possible’

Israel’s Response

Israel strongly criticized the South African charge of genocide in Gaza at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. An Israeli representative countered the accusations, stating, “This is not genocide. South Africa is only telling half the story.”

“The hard truth is that the current battle mainly harms civilians because Hamas wants as much civilian damage as possible, both among Israelis and Palestinians, while Israel tries to limit that,” the representative continued.

Lawyer Tal Becker emphasized that Hamas carried out an unprecedented bloody attack on October 7, pointing out that if genocide was committed, it was against Israel.

Hamas Responsible

Israel holds Hamas responsible for the nearly 25,000 deaths in Israeli attacks and the widespread destruction in Gaza. The lawyer argued that Hamas deliberately sacrifices Palestinian civilians for propaganda and military purposes. Israel also highlighted Hamas’ use of human shields and weapon stockpiling in civilian areas.

Rhetoric Not a Call for Genocide

Israel challenged quotes from political and military leaders cited by South Africa, claiming they were often taken out of context. The defense argued that such comments were intended to be rhetorical and cannot be seen as a call for genocide.

Outside the Peace Palace in The Hague, both pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian demonstrators expressed their support for their respective causes.

Israeli Perspective on Ceasefire

Israel also expressed concerns about South Africa’s push for a ceasefire, stating that it would deny Israel the right to stand up for its citizens and act against an organization that is engaged in genocidal activities.

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