CUPW’s Canada postal strike makes a weekend stop in Red Deer

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The union’s latest announcement says that Kitchener and Quebec City are back to work at 1pm EDT, Friday, June 10, 2011 while Red Deer Alberta is going to walk out at 10pm (8pm local time) for a 48 hour stoppage. The bulletin says that 155 urban workers are in Red Deer. Canada Post has published a similar notice about CUPW’s actions.

CUPW’s bulletin #63 indicates that the union agreed to suspend strike activity at the request of Labour Minister Lisa Raitt with the condition that the terms of the collective agreement would be reinstated. Canada Post apparently rejected this idea.

The same bulletin says that CPC has reinstated drug coverage at the request of the union. Apparently this benefit was suspended due to the strike. Canada Post outlines their temporary plan which will help those workers in need.

Apparently negotiations will continue over the weekend.

It will be interesting to see the editorials over the weekend of the major papers. Some are calling the strike more of an annoyance than a real work stoppage. However, I have to point out that for me personally who uses electronic communication all the time and I mean all the time, these strikes do not affect me at all.

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  1. From what I understand the government recommend to Cpc to accept and bring everyone back to work. Cpc is now the ones keeping the posties out and their agenda is clear. This is exactly what they’ve wanted and have been provoking by any means possible even deceiving the public.Their big help to posties without drug coverage is a 100.00 deductible on each perscription!

    The supervisors have also seem to have resorted to running into posties with their vehicles on the picket line in Kitchener.

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