Court Jails Father for 40 Years after Killing Daughter’s Molester

Jay Maynor (second from right) killed Raymond Earl Brooks for abusing daughter, Julia Maynor (left). Picture: Facebook

A father who shot her daughter’s molester, 43-year-old Jay Maynor, been sentenced to 40 years in prison for the murder. Maynor plead guilty and accepted that he shot down convicted pervert, 59-year-old Raymond Earl Brooks, in rural Alabama who molested his daughter – now a 24-year-old a mother of three – 8 years old at the time.

According to Maynor’s daughter, Julia Maynor, her dad pled guilty to spare her from reliving the nightmare of being molested by Brooks. She alleged that “my father was protecting me, like a father should do,” adding that Brooks had abused her for years. She stressed that “he is an amazing father, actually the best. He loves us so much.” Earlier Brooks confessed to have abused Maynor’s daughter in 2001, when she was also Brook’s adopted granddaughter. After pleading guilty, Brooks was sentenced for 27 months in prison and became a registered sex offender after completing his time.

According to Maynor’s daughter, her dad just snapped that day in 2014 when he killed her abuser because it had eaten away at Maynor for years. She said that “Raymond molested me for either four or five years,” and “I don’t remember when it started happening but I know it was for a very long time. It was long enough for me to think it was completely normal and made me to feel that he actually loves me in a different kind of way than my mother and father loves me.” Julia complained that “he took my innocence away and only served like 18 months, and now I suffer daily from what Raymond did to me. It’s not fair.”

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