No safe drug strategies for prisoners in Canada

Allegedly safe drug tactics have no place in Canada’s prison system, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said Wednesday. The Conservative administration does not want to support Insite-style drug treatment for addicts in prisons by groups like the John Howard Society of Canada.

Toews said: “We’ve made our position very clear in terms of the prohibition of drugs inside prisons and that’s our government’s policy.”

Earlier, Canada’s top court gave a verdict in favour of Insite, Vancouver’s administered drug-injection site, granting it a direct immunity from federal drug laws.

Reportedly, John Howard executive director Catherine Latimer recommends the Commons Public Safety Committee in Ottawa that the Supreme Court’s possibly debatable decision should be implemented in Canada’s prisons.

Latimer drove the board, which is now snooping drugs and alcohol use in jails, for harm-reduction strategies to be presented to drug addicted prisoners.

Insite’s Mark Townsend said: “The prison system should be honest about drug use and deal with it head on. And that includes injection sites and needle (exchange). We understand there are drugs in prisons, but that is not something we encourage or tolerate.”

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  1. Fortunately, Hep C and HIV in prisoners cannot spread to law abcomment_IDing citizens. It does not threaten health care workers, prison guards, police, spouses and members of the public. Otherwise, I’d be worried.

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