Approach of Vancouver’s cops encouraged Pickton

A veteran in the business of prostitution believes the approach of Vancouver police to shift sex workers to remote industrial areas in the 1990s helped people like Robert Pickton to prey on them. Simon Fraser University criminologist John Lowman bears witness at a public inquest into the unsuccessful police investigation of Pickton in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

According to Mr. Lowman, cops moved street-level prostitutes out of residential areas and chic communities of the city’s downtown to industrial areas of the Downtown Eastside, which ultimately meant sex workers were in remote areas, behind the scenes.

He also says Pickton is a typical predator, a man who detests women. By disguising as a potential client, he attacks or kills defenseless sex workers.

During the trial, crowd gathered outside the courtroom to support. The crowd led to hindering traffic on one of the busiest crossroads in downtown Vancouver Wednesday. At least 30 people in the center of the junction created a circle around victims’ relatives to chant, burn sweet grass and donate money that was raised this week to assist them out while the inquiry continues.

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