3 Muslim Men from North Carolina found guilty of misdoings

Three men of Muslim origin belonging to North Carolina have been convicted by a federal jury for planning an attack on Marine Corps base and other unnamed overseas locations. Prosecutors called it a case of “homegrown terrorism”

The three convicted men named Omar Aly Hassan aged 22, Ziyad Yaghi aged 21 and Hysen Sherifi aged 24 were found guilty of material support for terrorists. Yaghi and Sherifi were also convicted of conspiring to kill, kidnap or maim unspecified people overseas; Hassan was acquitted on the conspiracy charge.

It has been reported that these three guilty men travelled overseas and received training with weapons, raised money for the purpose of supporting terrorists in the name of Jihad. According to the defense lawyers the video and audio evidence presented in the court does not show the accused discussing or agreeing to any specific attack.

At issue in the case was the extent to which someone in the U.S. can discuss violent jihad and spread radical propaganda in the post-Sept. 11 era, even while committing no violent acts.

Like many other federal terrorism cases since 2001, the prosecution was anticipatory. The suspects were arrested as the terrorist plot unfolded — but before they committed any terrorist act.

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