Alberta Premier Redford criticizes Democrats’ anti-Keystone trip to D.C.

Alberta Premier Alison Redford is strongly criticizing an NDP trip to Washington D.C. during which the Opposition MPs did not support Keystone XL pipeline.

Harper government is totally supporting the pipeline, which will perhaps enhance oil sands production. A number of hurdles have been created by U.S. environmental groups – last week the U.S. State Department deferred a decision on the project due to environmental concerns.

Redford said: “It is not appropriate for us to be providing advice to American decision-makers in that context, and to be political activists. So I am not at all supportive of that and I’m disappointed about it.

“The position that I am privileged enough to hold right now is to be a premier of province that has a certain set of economic interests, social interests and environmental interests.

“Whereas what we see going on right now is members of parliament who certainly represent their constituencies, but that’s the extent of their representation in terms of the Canadian perspective on this issue.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver recently visited Asia, partly to promote their idea of buying oil from Canada.

“It is certainly not meant to be a threat in any way. We’ve got one customer right now; we’ve got more resources than that of customer needs, so we have to diversify our market. This is tremendously complementary with Asia, because they want to diversify their sources of energy. So we have a lot to talk about,” said Oliver.

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