Shafia sisters were physically and psychologically tortured at home

Teachers of the deceased Shafia sisters informed the court that the teenage girls were abused at their home. In their lives, they told their teachers and a youth protection worker that they were physically and psychologically tortured at home, a murder trial heard Wednesday.

“She (Sahar Shafia) said her brother hit her on two occasions, but on one occasion not hard,” retired Batshaw investigator Jeanne Rowe testified Wednesday morning. The girl also confessed to taking pills and committing suicide.

“She said: ‘I didn’t want to kill myself, just sad and slept it off,’” Rowe said. “The child was not at risk at the time and she wanted to go home.”

“She was obviously extremely scared – she was crying profusely,” Rowe testified.

“Before I could even get to meet with her properly, she said, ‘I don’t want you to meet my parents,’ ” Rowe testified.

“She was very, very scared about her parents knowing about the report.”

Three years ago, bodies of the three Montreal girls, then respectively 19, 17 and 13, and Ms. Amir, who was 53, were found at the bottom of the Kingston Mills locks just outside the city.

Earlier, the main suspect of the ongoing honour killing trial, Mohammad Shafia alleged his children completely lied and that he is not involved in the killings of his family members. Shafia, his wife and son have pleaded not guilty.

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